Each Wolf is developed, produced, and inspected in the USA to restaurant standards. Wolf was founded in the United States and has been further developed over the course of 60 years in the best commercial kitchens and Unique cooking modules. In 2000, Wolf was bought by Sub-Zero, and since then this inheritance has been carried on, the benchmark being set even higher.

Experience the uniqueness of the Wolf cooking module and gas range – an insider tip for aesthetes, trendsetters, and hobby cooks and thus at home worldwide in households with high standards.

You can find Wolf at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal, Moers, Düsseldorf, Essen und Mönchengladbach.


Higher performance. More imagination. More tasteful results.
Each Wolf appliance is produced in the United States with materials and components of the highest quality, mounted with precision and tested for the highest level of reliability. The same quality standards also apply to Sub-Zero, Wolf’s partner firm. Each new material is extensively tested before being approved for use. During assembly, finely tuned details and craftsmanship ensure a reliable, well-made product.