Treca Paris


Treca Paris was founded in 1935 and for 80 years Treca has been loyal to the demands of artisanal, 100 % French expertise. Its respect of tradition and custom work have made the brand a reference point in the high-grade bed market. 

“Savoir Dormir” is an art that Treca Interiors Paris offers you by selecting fine materials for you which combine the expertise of our upholsterers with the talent of our designers. All platinum and prestige beds are produced in the brand’s original historical factory in Reichshoffen, France.

You can find Treca Paris at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.

Treca Paris

The Platinum Essentiel line offers 3 combinations which contain an asymmetrical double spring core in order to offer a fitting comfort for every season, summer as much as winter. Cashmere, silk, bamboo, and camelhair optimize the desired warming or cooling effect of these mattresses and coverings.

All Prestige Mattresses use a spring core: classic cores with IAS Prestige and Symbiose Prestige, and alternating small and large coil springs in the ergonomic mattress Corpus Prestige.