Tobias Grau

Striving for the highest light and luminaire quality.

For more than 30 years, TOBIAS GRAU has been striving for the highest quality of light and lighting fixtures. 
In recent years, LED has given us the chance of creating a new, innovative, and expanded collection for home, office, and architecture based on the ideas and developments of this technology. 

The design of the products originates with Tobias Grau. It is characterized by a reduction to essentials. With a team of engineers and assistant designers, we develop solutions for optimally uniting form and function with each other, which has led to numerous design awards. 

You can find Tobias Grau at our locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.

Tobias Grau

The lighting fixtures achieve a special light quality through the use of LEDs with the best color rendering and self-developed glare suppression methods.

In recent years, the average energy use of the lighting collection was able to be reduced by more than 50% through the use of ultra-efficient LED technology and sensor control systems.