Sub-Zero Refrigerated Wine Storage Cabinets


Sub-zero refrigerated wine storage cabinets is much more than a wine cooler; it uses modern technologies to protect wine from four enemies: light, warmth, humidity, and vibration. Like a good meal, Sub-Zero wine storage complements your decor. Well thought out design makes owning this appliance a pleasure.

You can find Sub-Zero at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal, Moers, Düsseldorf, Essen und Mönchengladbach.


Fine wines are too valuable and attractive of an investment to be locked in a dusty cellar or to disappear unceremoniously into a cabinet. And to pull a dried out cork or to serve from a bottle with a moldy label – unthinkable.
Better storage in the bottle means more enjoyment in the glass. The wine cabinets by Sub-Zero are not only conceived for cooling – they also protect the wine from its four enemies: heat, humidity, light, and shaking.

Up to three independent storage zones, sealed and digitally controlled, maintain the temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and undisturbed rest that wines – and wine lovers – need.
Available in multiple sizes, including a free-standing design.