Scholtissek - solid wood furniture


Scholtissek solid wood furniture is a company at the production location in Lower Saxony in Ostercappeln near Osnabrück. Here are the roots and here is where a developed team works. From design to material selection and production, we conceive of ourselves as a company with soul, uncompromising individuality, and an unmistakable sense for stylish interiors. We give our full respect to the material “wood” and produce each piece of furniture with tender handcraftsmanship and joy in the work.

The table is the basis of human coexistence and sociability, whether at a small table in the kitchen or at a long, extendable table in the living room – it makes up the center of life in the home. Scholtissek offers the appropriate design for every taste and every room size. 

You can find Scholtissek at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.


Scholtissek exclusively uses European hardwoods of the highest quality like oak, walnut, or interestingly grained sycamore wood, for example. From the USA, we import American walnut, among other woods. Even unusual woods like applewood can be used on individual pieces. The woods are carefully selected and are worked in as natural a way as possible. The oiling of wood surfaces by hand allows the wood grain to become an individual work of art.