Pura Porta


Are doors truly something which divide, a type of border between two rooms, between inside and outside? Not for Pura Porta, on the contrary: they open limitless possibilities. And it is exactly this way of thinking that distinguishes Pura Porta from other providers and culminates in the motto: “Our doors open rooms. Even when they’re closed.” This aspiration can be rediscovered everywhere – in our collections by renowned door designers like LUALDI, in our German concept of quality with respect to materials, workmanship, and durability, and in our stylistic diversity from minimalism to modernism all the way to individualized style doors.

But it is not just our doors. It is most of all the people that embody this aspiration, who are responsible for the care, the fascination, the passion for excellent door design. As it says already in the name: Pura Porta – the pure door. You will experience this passion when you click through these images. Step in. It’s open. Welcome.

You can find Pura Porta at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.

Pura Porta

Doors are like people. They have character. There are doors that appear like prestige objects – always something opulent and confident. And then there are doors from the purist collection of Pura Porta. Doors that achieve their sovereignty from the philosophy of “less is more.” Which embody inimitable elegance simply through restraint. Which demonstrate concentration on the essentials by way of clear lines. And which prove, through their absolute flushness with the wall, that they have understood the room. In short: doors that soon seem so natural and trusted with their calm serenity that they almost seem like old friends.