Poggenpohl kitchen - innovative design


The closer you examine a Poggenpohl kitchen, the more you will find what is admirable about it. A Poggenpohl kitchen is admirable with regard to both its innovative design and the perfectionistic care which is dedicated to every detail. We use a combination of advanced German engineering with individual care that only emerges from the craftsmanship of qualified craftsmen. The result is a kitchen that is excellent in every respect, designed for individuals that are only satisfied with the very best.

You can find Poggenpohl kitchen at our Thelen-Drifte location in Mönchengladbach.

Poggenpohl kitchen

The details of craftsmanship are what differentiate Poggenpohl from other manufacturers – a proof of the skills and the perfectionistic demands of the craftsmen. The carefully smoothed and hand-polished finish which makes up the famous gloss mirror finish surfaces. The perfect alignment of doors, drawers, and countertops.

Poggenpohl combines traditional craftsmanship with the most modern technology in order to create a kitchen that pleases when you touch it, use it, and work in it. Now and many years from now.