Since the beginning, Lapalma has been cultivating the tradition of handcrafted wood- and metalwork. The company performs serial production and distributes quality design worldwide: armchairs, stools, bar stools and tables are the product of a working philosophy uniting industrial production with a love for detail.

At Lapalma, craftsmanship is united with the speed, precision, and efficiency of the latest production technologies: a perfect example of Italian passion and business culture.

You can find Lapalma at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.


While machines produce the basic elements of the products, finishing, mounting, and packaging are all steps carried out by hand. Each individual piece goes through the hands of the workers and in this way enables the maximum level of quality control. Seriality and individuality, two apparently opposed concepts, in this case define the character and strong identity of the company.