La Cornue


La Cornue stoves have a timeless style and promise an expression of truly refined taste. The selection is as unique as every owner, and so we believe in something very extraordinary. Not just used to create masterpieces in the kitchen – the cooking area itself is seen by most as a masterpiece in the kitchen.

La Cornue has been building on the basis of the master pattern for more than 100 years. They have expanded the design and introduced new styles, but everything only for one reason: the enjoyment of the customer.

You can find La Cornue stoves and ovens at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal, Moers und Düsseldorf.

La Cornue

In 1908, Albert Dupuy ignited the flame of the elite kitchen in the heart of Paris. There, Dupuy developed the first convection oven in the world. At the time, most ovens were simply flat hollow spaces which contained racks that hung over a fire. The majority of people simply saw cooking as a way of eating hot food. But Dupuy reflected: “What does it really mean to cook?”

With his oven, he developed a convex ceiling in order to heat the food instead of holding it in place to burn beneath. To enable optimal precision, the oven was connected to the city gas lines that ran through the houses and streetlamps of the City of Light. Depuy named the La Cornue oven after the French term cornue – the system of refining gases which warmed the new creation.