de Sede


de Sede has committed itself entirely to handcraftsmanship. Anonymized, automated production processes are foreign to us. Because only with the refinement and perfection of the craftsmanship we have cultivated since our founding can we be sure that all pieces of furniture which leave our Manufactory fulfill our exceedingly strict and high quality requirements.

You can find de Sede at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.

de Sede

Each craftsman at de Sede is a master of his field. Our specialists make sure that only the highest quality leather comes to Klingnau, that it is stored in a way appropriate for the material, and finally that it is meticulously processed with dedication, knowledge, and experience. For example, meticulous step preparation is a part of the production process: Only with a detail-obsessed human eye can irregularities in the leather be discovered and planned in such a way that they do not disturb the completed piece of furniture.

Our sophisticated upholstering technology, with modern materials, foam, gauze, or cotton, also requires a high degree of knowledge and experience which flows into each piece of furniture by de Sede. The production of our furniture is rounded off by exact seams, partially affixed through pure handcraftsmanship, which ensure both a perfect visual effect and exceptional durability.

Handcraftsmanship at the highest level, the strictest quality standards, maximum love for detail and personal engagement with all employees have made de Sede famous and pave the way into the future.