Aesthetics, purism, and the highest production quality: models by COR have their own unmistakable line. We give shape to this principle. It lives in each piece of furniture, everywhere where people value beauty, comfort, and functionality. Its secret is the connection between the readiness to innovate and traditional craftsmanship. Our designers and employees create values in forward-looking design, free of trends and fashions.

You can find COR at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.

COR furniture

INNER VALUES. COR places the highest demands on the materials for your furniture. Even first-class quality is preferably scrutinized one more time. And even the suppliers are closely examined. Renowned tanneries, weaving mills, and fabric houses thus only deliver their very best leather, wool, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. In the case of wood, preferably from domestic forests, and in the case of metal, COR is no less demanding. Take a seat and convince yourself.

Pure, fine Merino wool, characteristic linens, easy-care mixed fabrics, casual cotton – each covering material has its own specific impression and qualities. And because of that, you can achieve almost any desired appearance and quality of use with the fabrics of the COR collection.