Christine Kröncke Interior Design


Furniture by Christine Kröncke Interior Design is more than anything this: commitment to style; urban, timeless, inspired by the most diverse design directions, nonetheless defined by a unique signature. They are essentially created with a view to the total design which places the qualities of the product in focus just as much as the entire person and his or her standards of quality, uniqueness, and harmony.

You can find Christine Kröncke Interior Design at our Thelen-Drifte locations in Nettetal und Düsseldorf.

Christine Kröncke Interior Design

YOU CAN’T DISCUSS QUESTIONS OF TASTE? YOU MUST. Having a home is much more than a roof over the head. More than ever, it is an expression of a feeling of life and personal style; a particular way of creating a wholly individual environment. Just as characters have highly varying facets of personality, living environments are not stylistic monocultures but rather the coming together of the most diverse influences.

The mix is decisive. But according to what recipe? The old Oscar Wilde credo “One should always be a little improbable” is still true in questions of interior design – but in our turbulent, extremely fluctuating present, improbability is above all else one thing: the enormous number of tastes, products, and trends.

To enjoy this variety, however, it needs to be strictly separated from arbitrariness. So that feeling, taste, and the pleasure of selection do not get lost in the masses, but rather develop class.